Hi all

For my Mum's birthday we went out for a fabulous outdoor seafood lunch. 

My outfit (pic 1) is a remix of older items. My mum requested "no poor clothes". By that she meant no distressing or frayed or released hems. She is not a fan of that trend, ha ha! I wore a remix of older items: blue top (looks black in the pics), floral skirt. Vintage Chanel necklace and my grandmother's vintage bracelet for the special occasion. New shoes that are a mixture of tan, black, white and pink. [Sisi joked that I needed a touch of pink in my outfits!]

But the star of the day was my Mum. She gave me permission to post these pics. She wore an orange and white floral top, with trendy bell sleeves. Pile of pearls. White cropped pants with cut outs. Orange sandals. Doesn't she look fabulous? Mum also enjoys the Angie superpower of staying clean in white. Brooklyn Jnr (our dog) had a little nap against her leg when we got home and my Mum emerged clean and bright as ever.

I am fortunate to have such an inspirational Mum