Here is what we wore this year for Halloween. We love family themes. DH is totally into making his own costumes and spends weeks working on them. He has always wanted to make his own samurai armor. This costume was the hardest yet--he worked on it day and night cutting and melting plastic pieces, painting them, drilling hundreds of holes, and spending hours lacing the pieces together. He even made a samurai helmet and a mask. It was touch and go whether he was going to finish in time but he did it! I am so impressed with his handmade samurai costume. I wore a kimono with an obi belt, umbrella, fan and the traditional sandals. The three kids all wanted to be ninjas. DD says that when she grows up she wants to be a detective, and inventor and a ninja. I asked her how many kids she wants when she grows up and she said "None, because if I'm a ninja I can't carry around kids with me--they'll slow me down!" She even colored some ballet slippers with a black Sharpie, and went to ballet dressed as a ninja. We had a lot of fun this year. Happy Halloween!

1-10: Ninjas in action!
11-16: DH's costume in progress
17-8. Inspiration pic for his samurai armor
Previous years:
19. 2010. DH made himself into a space shuttle with rocket booster.
20. 2012. Mermaids, diver and Nemo fish. DH made a papier mache scuba tank with a bubble blowing machine to blow bubbles out the top.
21. 2013. Space theme. DH made a Neil Armstrong costume by spray painting garden coveralls silver and sewing patches on
22. 2014. The Incredibles!

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