I picked up my VC cobalt jacket and the larger of my two sizes of Canyon River slouchy skinnies from Wonder Woman (my seamstress) today. Thrilled with the sleeve shortening of the jacket but horrified at the hemming of my jeans.

When she was handing me the jeans she said "I tapered them a bit at the ankle for you". I was quite surprised as I had not asked her to do this. I simply was having them hemmed. When I asked her why she said she thought they were too wide at the ankle and that I would want them like my Lord & Taylor black slouchy trousers. Being that the work had already been done I didn't say much and left.

When I got home and put them on, it was obvious they were awful. Because the fabric does not drape with denim the same way it would with the softer fabrication of my L&T slouchy trousers. The ankles are so skinny now that they don't sit right on my footwear and it pushes the rest of the leg fabric upward so now the legs looks like pantaloons, the same effect as if they had ties at the ankle. This is NOT how I wanted them to look, nor had I requested she do this. But it's been done and it can't be repaired.

The second, smaller size of these same jeans are with her now being shortened and I'm concerned she's going to do the same thing. Would it be rude of me to phone her tomorrow (it's too late here tonight now) and tell her not to taper the ankles on the jeans as it does not work with this fabric.

I have a wonderful relationship with this lady and I admire her work greatly but I'm very disappointed that she would make a decision to alter something on my clothing without even discussing it with me.

How do I handle this? Plus, now I can't wear these jeans which I was really, really happy with