I’ve been having fun with my white boots—and not slowing down for fotos. Even though my feet aren’t always visible in the pix, so you have to use your imagination, these show what I’m wearing with them.

2 & 3 are the same afternoon, one at Nordy’s, one out standing in the field. Too bad my mom won’t let me keep her cardi!

5 is with my swim coach from decades ago. She’s in her 90s & doing well.

The weird pose in 6 is me pointing out the mistletoe jizz in my skirt, because I packed them together. I chose short sleeves/light layers for Christmas Day because I knew it’d be warm at my parents’. Cranberry velour top & burgundy tights were my festive touch (along with the mistletoe berries, sigh).

8 is at my friend’s theater; he likes the boots and took way too many pix, lol

The outfit in 4 is the same as in 7 & 9, except for the shoes. It was my traveling outfit, because the opaque tights and stretchy sweater dress mean I can flop in all sorts of unladylike postures and not have to worry. The scarf is useful in lots of ways, including as a sleep mask. I wore the boots on the plane, because they are heavier than the loafers & I was carrying my luggage on my back. I thought I had scored a row to myself on the way home—and then they moved my 6’3” son up to sit with me. Sigh.

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