Hi all, happy Saturday! We are in a deep freeze here, at about -22F, so it was nice that my cousin had her boutique grand opening so that I had something fun and positive to look forward to! Very limited numbers and all the Covid protocols, so I felt very safe.

I had spotted an outfit on Instagram that I wanted to try, which was jeans, a black bodysuit, and a white shirt. I followed my feelings and managed to not wear the original outfit at all, but still ended up with something I was happy with! Emotional dressing ftw!

1. Original outfit ... I liked it but something felt off ... it was maybe a bit boxy? The tucked shirt with the high waist jeans maybe doesn't work in a conventionally-flattering way on my rectangle body?
2. Swapped out the jeans for my 'magic pants' - liked it better but decided this is more of an early spring outfit - the shirt is so lightweight it didn't feel right for such a cold day.
3. Swapped out the shirt for my striped sweater, but left the black t underneath, for extra warmth as well as extra contrast. Bingo! This one felt right (it is also all pieces from the boutique, so was perfect for the occasion too!)
4. Final product, with new scarf and my blue coat. Felt good! If I was going to be outside much longer, I would have put a thin puffer under, but as it was I was only running from car to store, so this was adequate.

I did purchase a few items, shown in Finds, because if you don't support family, what are you even doing with your life *smiles innocently*

1. necklace - because you can never have too many in my book!
2. super-soft heavy-weight tee - I might have preferred this is a rich colour, but it was just. so. soft. - I couldn't resist it. This brand (Kaffe) is one I've had luck with - does anyone know anything about it? Think it's Danish? (the striped sweater is Kaffe too).

Thanks for looking; feedback welcome and hope everyone is staying warm!

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