Gorgeous, with extra love for the renditions with the light blue and the sneaks.


Just perfection!!!

Adore this on you! And even more, i adore the joy it brings you

I am so happy that this worked out so well for you! A reason to be joyful in a challenging season! Truly, so happy for you!

WOW! Thank you ALL for the awfully kind complements! The suit is one of those items that was meant to be, I guess.

Classically Casual, Karie, kkards, Firecracker, RoseandJoan, Jonesy and Mainelady, Sam and Jo send tail wags and down dogs to you!

Sally, I don't separate the suit. I always wear it together. The couple does not want to be apart!

Synne, the suit is sand! Much warmer than grey. I will leave grey wearing to you

Gryffin, if it weren’t for you, I would not have the suit! THANK YOU again. I think Boss runs TTS, but others might think a little narrow. Depends which set of size ranges you compare it to, IYKWIM. I LOVE that you match your beautiful Schnauzers! Doesn’t get more stylish than that - and yes to the Yorkie pin!

ChristelJ and Kyle, you are gracious!

Jonesy, pattern mixing, just for you!

Staysfit! WOOHOO! Waving at my suit twin.

cat2, YES. Yummy with light blue. On my list to wear. With blush and white too.

The Cat, thanks for the hair compliment.

Years ago, when visiting Italy, I saw Italian women dressed like this to buy vegetables. You will bring happiness to everyone around you when you go out like this.

Denise, this is now my new vegetable-buying outfit.

Angie, it is PERFECT! So gorgeous on you. I have never seen anyone to wear sand as beautifully as you do. So happy for you.

And this is just how I would also love to wear my suits: “I will just wear the suit - no occasion needed - just like I would wear dressy pants and a jacket....only these match!” Your post really made my day!

Angie & Staysfit - I was browsing Boss to see if there were any suits in my colorway. Just wanted to make sure you saw the other coordinating pieces for your suit. I personally would be all over the skirt. Dresses are tricky but the baby has become it's own little capsule if it works. There is also a knit blazer, not sure what aluminum is colorwise but it looks like it "goes" and skirt. I've never regretted buying corrdinating pieces, but I understand sometimes more is just more. But wanted to make sure you were both aware.

Hey Angie, what a presence, I like the first photos where you wear the fully buttoned white shirt with this magnificent costume, you are very classy.

Katerina, my suit-sister! I know you understand how to simply "wear a suit and get on with life" - so BIG high five! As long as it's fluid, non-crease, and my feet are happy - it's a win.

Gryffin, yes and thank you! I saw the other Boss items. I don't wear pencil skirts or sheaths, but they are pretty - Look at the Boss site for your black suit, maybe.

Bernard, thank you!

I cannot add a single original thought or compliment, but ditto to every single one above! Look #1 is my favorite, and it was truly meant to be!

OMG --- this is sensational, Angie!! How could I be so late to this post? I absolutely adore it for you. It's fresh, light, brightening, easy, relaxed, crisp, classic, and contemporary all at once. I love every one of your styling options. Yay to Gryffin for helping you get the right size of trousers and whoo hoo!! to a brilliantly stylish fall!

super! this is a smart outfit, you look amazing and I can see plenty of outfits with those 2 pieces!

Thanks Gryffin, I had seen the sheath, but not the other pieces. Unlike Angie, I do like sheath dresses and pencil skirts, so the sheath is on my radar. The knit blazer is as well…..

Laurie and Minaminu, you are so nice!

Suz, thanks for the fab excitement

Angie, you look gorgeous. That suit was made for you!

Angie, I love this suit on you in all its combinations but add the matching terriers and you launched it into the stratosphere of K2Ks!

I'm thrilled that it worked for Staysfit as well.

Thank you, Dottie and Bijou. Your kind words are appreciated!

Love this suit and the color on you! I really like the neutral color of the fabric. Which skin and hair coloring would this work best on? It looks terrific with your blonde hair.

Cannot be better than yours here, Angie-a pant suit! I love it all ways but my fave is like you style it in nr 17---and loved to see Sam giving you a kiss-haha!:-))

fun and chic, I love it! I'm so glad you managed to get the pants, it's just fabulous on you!

Yay Gryffin!!!

I just fainted, Angie!!!! The fit is perfect, and the light colour and windowpanecheck are just utterly stunning on you!! WOW to the WOW!!

There's no doubt, your gorgeous suit is going to be super versatile. Lots of pizzazz and very elegant. Very special for sure!

You are going to be turning heads every time you wear it!!

Thank you for the sweet words, everyone! I can't wait to wear my suit soon!

Jamie, this type of sandy colour tends to work well on those who wear warm colours well - irrespective of hair colour. The white in the window check makes it work well for blondes because the colours match.

Wow, it’s perfect on you. Enjoy!

This is outstanding! And I love that you can see yourself wearing the suit for many years to come. I have had weight changes in the last 4 years, so right now this seems hard to achieve, but before then, I had remained mostly the same size until my early 40's. We'll see how the next couple of years go, but right now I am trying to build a wardrobe that I feel good in at my current weight. If things go according to plan, eventually I will be able to have the have investment pieces for years to come.

Love this pantsuit on you, Angie - it suits you perfectly! Probably because it's the complete opposite of anything that would look good on me lol (windowpane geometric print, hip length blazer, light cool toned neutral, notch lapel etc) - a perfect example of making fashion work for our individual needs

Wow. That's definitely a power suit . Absolutely love it.