Love this suit on you! I like the cream compliment and the spark of the citron bag with the suit too.

It looks like it was made for you, and so versatile too!

Super duper Boss! Wow, what a terrific suit for you, Angie. I love all three looks. Congrats on snagging it. Love your terrier accomplices, too.

Love it! Perfectly you!

Fabulous stylish suit. Did you mean you will only wear the pieces together or on occasion wear the pants and jacket?

You are bossing that suit around! So fab in all iterations. Especially love that new
Barrel bag. That suit was made for you and I’m so happy that you were able to get it!

Congratulations on finding this classic suit that suits you do well. Great styling, as always.

By the way, your current pretty hairstyle looks perfect for you.

You breathe life into this beautiful suit, it's not stuffy or formal in any way but you can somehow make a trouser suit and shirt look relaxed with ease.

Clearly Sam and Jo approve too.

Well you would be the best dressed dog Walker around here,lovely!

Love it love it love it! You look amazing.

Love the Coach bag too.

Angie, it’s gorgeous. Boss woman indeed.

Perfect! Love that you are wearing it right here and now, not waiting for the perfect occasion that may never come. Also love that this is gray! Gray is my new favourite color.

Angie - SUBLIME!! Wow color is divine on you and the fit is perfection!! I love the suit with a white shirt buttoned to the top. That’s my favorite with the white booties and coach bag. Wowza!! Being a suit girl myself sending huge love!! I just bought a white tuxedo shirt for mine and been looking for the perfect white button down so I can do same. Honestly clothes don’t get better than this. In a 5 min fire drill where you can only grab a handful of pieces that’s what’s going to make the cut!! Enjoy it and have wonderful adventures wearing it!! Now you know Boss is the brand to keep an eye on!! Would you say boss runs TTS or slightly small?

Now this how to “Dress for Sucesses” as you’ve clearly impressed CEO Sam, and his second in command Jo.

WOW. You look amazing. I could not love it more!!

BTW have you noticed we both have a strong preference for our outfit colors to mirror our pups? Sam looks amazing with your suit. And I’m in schnauzer colors of black, white and gray. Now that I’ve let my hair go natural I’m really looking like my breed. Btw your pin would look awesome either on shirt at neckline or lapel. So fun!!

Angie, the Boss suit is a slam dunk winner! Wow! Every combination looks amazing on you!

I have a confession…..we are suit twins….thanks to Bijou who suggested I try it.

Gorgeous! Enjoy your new suit.

Such a good fit, made for you!

Fantastic suit! I love it in every iteration--what a wonderful addition to your wardrobe! Huge heart eyes for the subtle pattern mix with the pinstriped blue and white button down :)! Jo and Sam are as adorable as ever.

OMG, fantastic suit! I love it in every combination, sooo beautiful on you. But my favorites are with white, that is you.

Brilliant, especially with the striped shirt! Could not be more perfect! Round of applause:-)

Yes, you are BOSS in your new suit! It does fit perfectly and every styling looks amazing. My faves are with the Yorkies…..biggest happiness factors!

I've never seen a suit look so natural on anyone. You are as dapper and elegant as can be, but relaxed and able to move about so happily. Blows my mind, as I've always thought suits were formal. You look beautiful. Thanks for opening yet another door to style freedom by your example.

This is why fashionistas talk so much about the importance of a perfect fit. It’s sublime. I just love the look with a white button down and boots. Fab on very level. What a gorgeous and classic outfit.

Perfect! I am rooting for it to meet your light blue accessories as well.