Bijou, I’ve found it’s all about tailoring in the right places. Hence my deliberate use of the term tailored fluidity! Doggies send Margot kisses and tail wags

I am so late to see all these gorgeous outfits but wanted to pop in and say you look spectacular, and what a joy to be out in the world working again! So thrilled for you!

I love the dresses, but I'm totally enamoured of that new "twinset" linen shirt/ scarf combo! Absolutely stunning!

The hot pink and white dress is also spectacular on you.

So interesting about the footwear. It will be really interesting to suss it out over time. I'm not sure where I will go with this in the future either. I mean, I know what I will wear for my suburban walks and bike rides, but how will I feel in situations that used to require something a bit dressier? I don't know.

Margot would send them right back, but she is fast asleep. Been off to the pooch parlour for a wash and tidy up today and she is exhausted. Margot is looking like a baby polar bear, so white and fluffy.

Bijou, a beautiful doggie needs her beauty sleep

Suz, thanks for popping by and for the kind words! I'm thinking of dedicating a set of fashion sneakers to wear with clients only. Keeps them looking pristine.

I love the *KaPOW* of your color choices!
My very favorite (which was tough to choose) is the outfit in 7/8.

I also think the pics of you with the furkids are serious day brighteners!

You look amazing, as always, Angie! And I couldn't resist buying the Magic Dress in that pretty coral print!

Utterly gorgeous, every single one of these!! Just looking at your brights makes me happy, and it's clear that you get so much joy from sporting these looks, which makes them extra special and fun!!

I've no doubt that anyone passing you on the street cannot stop smiling afterwards!

P.S. I hear you on the sneakers and needing to keep your feet happy because we walk so much.

Jenna, YAY for choosing the most bright and hectic look!

Mary, YAY, we are magic dress twinsies

Inge, thank you for your always generous comments, and go Team Fashion Sneakers!

Angie, I like your sneakers very much. Do the BR sneakers fit a narrow foot, in your opinion?

Catherine, they do! I have very narrow feet. And you can add an insole to take up space

Thanks very much. I’ll try them.

Fingers crossed. I sized down half a size.

Oh, look at this lady in pink(coral, baby blue, white, citron, happy patterns) and... comfy fashion sneakers!!!! Isn't she the most radiant glowing persona I've ever seen, spreading a sea of joy and laughts around her! I want to see her on my ways- I want to delight my eyes with her colors and style, I want to stop her, to speak her, to cuddle her cute puppies, to hug her and make a compliment.. or at least to wave her from the other side of the street(ocean)!:-)

Oh wow, these looks are all excellent - but I especially love the yellow & pink soled trainers Funny how colourful footwear can end up being so versatile!

Lyn67, you are soooo lovely... and FUNNY Thank you for your very sweet comment.

Zaeobi, YES! Sneaker complements can be very versatile. Pulls a casual look together.