Thanks for sharing! Gorgeous colors and super cute puppies. The printed blouse plus printed scarf combination strikes me as “very European” although I can’t parse out what that means.

I am curious: now that your hair is shorter again, how is it impacting your outfits? I notice that as my hair grows out (now well down the neck), my preferred necklines are changing. I’m glad I still have some older clothes with more open necklines. Maybe those of us with shorter, changeable hair should hang onto tops with different necklines just in case.

Thanks for sharing these stunning colourful and playful WIW. I love all of them but the chevron dress is my top pick!

Pleased you are able to get out there again with clients - and life is busy and rewarding.

I love it all and you look great in those dresses. I am trying sleeveless for the first time in a long time with your encouragement. You and your wardrobe are an inspiration for me to keep trying and expanding my horizons. i did a double take with the jeans in finds till I read your explanation.
Thank you for sharing Jo and Sam with us.

Wow Angie, what a surprise! You made my day, soo beautiful outfits and color combinations, I can't stop watching. You wear dresses the best, all are wonderful on you. The blue sleeveless dress is fantastic, lovely sleeveless on you, and unexpected with pink. I also love the pink pattern dress with white accessories. The white jeans combinations are soo beautiful. Thank you Angie for this feast for the eyes.

So nice to see your WIW's. Love all the outfits, and the fur babies

Oh you look sensational Angie, you wear those vibrant colours so well.

I'm fascinated by how you pull a look together with your handbag and shoes.

The theory midaxi definitely has my name on it.

Oh wow, what a treat to see all the fabulous outfits, happy colors and adorable doggies! Quite a feast for the eyes.

So nice to hear that life is slowly going back to normal, and that Jo brings much joy. You look so happy and so stylish.

So many beautiful outfits, it is a real treat. I was feeling little bit off of colors and patterns lately but I got inspired by you again. I got my first shot yesterday so feeling little bit more optimistic too.

I had ordered those same BR sneakers you have with the pink sole , but in the high top version ( with a white sole) . They just looked off somehow in shape and silhouette so I didn’t keep them . The contrast sole makes a huge difference ! My hair project was double - pronged : grow out any colouring and grow out some layers . I can’t deal with both at once and am getting rid of the colour before I attempt any growing out . Can’t wait to get it cut !!!!

I still really love your 70’s striped chevron dress. Love it with the Jean jacket and booties. Also really like your red striped top.
Of course I should I got the linen shirt dress when I had the chance —looks really breezy!
Good luck with your pups.
Jo is so cute!

Wow! You look great as always! Love these looks! These colors are sparking joy for me, too!!
(And i wear black most of the time)

Love your play on classic accessories! How is the Boden bag quality?

There is so much joy in these photos, I couldn't help but smile! I esp. *loved* the pink dress & yellow accessories.

Wow - what fabulous color! My fave is the first one with the pale blue dress and hot pink bag and hot pink on the sneakers. Those sneakers are so perfect.

A big Wow! These are so vibrant and full of life, just like you. I love your fuschia complement--whoa! The white sneakers with fuschia soles and your matching bag. More love from me for your blouse-scarf twinset. That pattern was made for you. And the Boden knit-striped dress, which looks like a million bucks on you; doesn't it look like Missoni?!

Well, you certainly brightened MY morning! (You and your two adorable accomplices, that is.)

Love how your outfits shine your personality! You look great and radiant, it's nice to see that things are doing well! The 2 puppies are lovely and it's nice to see that they get along so well.

Wow! Thank you for your awfully kind words!

I’ll be back tomorrow to comment fully and answer the questions. Have a good Saturday

What a treat! You are kicking off summer and working in-person again with such style and verve! Thanks for the shout-out--I am waving right back at you :).

I love how vibrant your wardrobe is and how it directly reflects your vibrant personality and presence. I am sure you make people smile when you are out and about (and I have witnessed this when we had our Chicago get-together!).

I love the print dresses and your new white jeans are absolutely fabulous! The print top/scarf combo is so, so fab with the jeans and jacket--you look very chic and ready for a stroll on some cobblestone, picturesque piazza somewhere! I admire how your wardrobe is so varied yet so cohesive, with pieces that can be interchanged depending on your mood and what tickles your fancy that day.

I have been wondering about little Jo and how she is developing, so it's a pleasure to see her with brother Sam, cuddled up on your lap!

Happy weekend at the Cox castle!

You're leading the way out of lockdown with these exuberant looks! I love them all, and I love your furry snugglers, too. Thanks for this Saturday treat!

Aww,those doggies are so cute!And you are a real ray of sartorial sunshine.l paticularly like the bright pink dress.

The PINK soles on your white sneakers! Please pass the smelling salts and give me a moment while I revive myself!

Okay, I’m back to add that the empire waist dresses are soooo happy and that pale blue denim jacket (paired with the scarf and collared shirt) is superb! I’m practically reeling from the fabness of it all!

Love the way you’ve matched you bag and your shoes! It’s so fun to see that old fashion rule updated with unexpected brights.

Should have added that i love the way you’ve nailed the out and about after 15 months, fab and fresh.

So much fun! I love every stinking adorable picture but that 70’s Boden dress and that linen print shirt brought me extra joy (to say nothing of Sam and Jo, of course.). Thanks for posting these!

Thank you for sharing these delightful photos! You are positively radiant and Sam and Jo are just adorable. The pink soles with your pink bag is a stunning complement. Overall, you demonstrate how flats and sneakers can still pack a powerful style punch. The dresses are all gorgeous on you, and I was especially struck by how elegantly you wear the bold, tropical Boden print button up. Beautiful!

Thank you ALL, for the awfully kind words! I appreciate your compliments, the affection for Sam and Jo, and you taking the time to chime in very much. It makes me smile, and is quite calming

Jessikams, I haven't found that my very short hair impacts my outfit and silhouette selection - maybe because the hair on my neck is never very long. In your case, adjusting the shape of a neckline and hanging onto a variety of necklines, is impactful and handy. Good idea!

cat2, I have two Boden handbags, and the quality is stellar. I also think we gravitate to the same types of footwear.

Lisa P, were they these? Let's hope for a better hi-top selection next season.

Your style right now is vibrant and exciting! I'm so happy to see you out and about and working with clients in person again. You can almost see the energy radiating out of these photos.

Smittie, Preppy Pear and Sal, as lovers of '70s fashion, I see why the chevron dress is a fave!

Jules, Jaime and kkards, although my footwear choices are limited, I try to take great care with the way my shoes and bags impact my outfits. Thank you for noticing!

Debbie, I'm humbled to inspire you, and you rock those sleeveless dresses!

Jenn, HAH. Authentically energetic, I guess!

Laura, you crack me up. Those Nine West dresses are magical for good reason. Love the '70s vibe. We need to be dress twins!

Sally, Star, Vintage Dawn, anchie, Minaminu, Jaileen, Tanya, Theresa, Cardiif Girl, and Xtabay, thank you for being so lovely!

Jonesy and Firecracker, that is high praise and I am in awe of your generous comments

Such a treat to see you and the dogs. Jo is a real cutie but not the seasoned model like Sam.

I have struggled with fluid fits as I tend to try dresses with lots of volume and decide that fluid fits are not for me. Thank you for highlighting how deliberate you are in getting your fluid dresses to work. It is lovely to see you in your amazing wardrobe, especially your citron and fuchsia pieces.