You sure do know how to mix up the brights! So cute on you! Nice to hear that it is easy to wear also. I'm still afraid a boiler suit is not for me but if I came across one I am now tempted to try it.

I am in love with your pink boilersuit looks! Angie, you look like everything fun and happy about springtime in the early 80s, and I am digging the nostalgia! <3 <3 <3

If anybody needs me, I'll be listening to the New Wave Station, on Sirius XM.

Hot pink looks so good right now, and you wear it to perfection. That jumpsuit is insanely flattering! If you walked down the street past me wearing that first yellow/pink combo, I would swoon with happiness!

RobinF, I hope you join Team Boiler Suit.

Mary Beth, thanks for the '80s nostalgic appreciation!

*happy break dancing*

Laura, my friend, you are as delightful as ever

Oh my God, you are adorable! I absolutely love how you have styled this boiler suit. I like the shorter toppers with it and you have the perfect shoes and bags. I love how you added Sam's pictures in between He is approving your outfits with great joy.
I was looking for a white boiler suit and now I want a pink one too, lol.

JP, that's high praise coming from your KILLER boiler suit wearing self - thank you.