Yes! #authenticstyle for the win...


Rachy, my boiler suit buddy! Lucky match with those sneaks....

Suz, like I say to my clients: You live in the PNW. Do not skimp on toppers and closed footwear!

Wow, so worth the wait to see this in action. Absolutely gorgeous and so very you. I LOVE the colour.

Delightful! The pink, combined with your styling, really sets this particular boiler suit apart, and it looks effortlessly fab on you! I really love the pics of Sam interspersed with yours--it's like he's patiently waiting for the next look and then the payoff at the end when he gets to give you a big smooch :).

Just marvelous! The white sneaks with pink soles are the bomb Happy Spring!

Fun spring looks! I love all versions - hot pink coat and fuzzy trucker jacket look absolutely amazing with your new candied bubblegum boiler suit ( the guitar strap is genius in #21-22 )!
You have a way with fashion that just so full of joy and positive energy!
Sam is cute in pink as well .

Oh wow. You are adorable. I think if I were to run into you at the airport, I would just stop and stare in envy!

You look amazingly cute in that boiler suit. I couldn’t pull it off but love it on those that can. I love your assortment of sneakers.
Sam looks like he is in awe of his Mom!

Angie, you are the cutest bubblegum boiler ever. You have many ways to wear that suit. Sam needs a collar and leash to match.

It looks great, Angie! So many fun options! I especially like the combos in 12, 13, and 15. Oh, and the ones with the blush complement, too. The pink and citron color combo strikes me as Most Distinctly Angie.

Sensational in all iterations!

Gorgeous! Suits you to a T.

The boiler suit is fab on you. I love all the color combinations and Sam’s approving looks.

I couldn’t imagine a more perfect fit!
Colour is so you and 80’s!

You’re so nice.

Bijou, Nikki, Marija and Slim Cat, you’re awfully gracious, and I appreciate it. Many thanks.

Jonesy, that’s high praise! Thanks for touching my heart by mentioning our precious Sam

Debbie and Joy, you are sweethearts. Sam is wearing a matching collar

Firecracker, my beautiful boiler suit buddy! Your kind words mean a lot. AND we are boiler suit twinsies! Sooo fun

DonnaF, go Team Boiler Suit. You rock yours.

Star, Joyce and Smittie, it’s a fun wildcard that is becoming a favourite. Couldn't have put money on it. Wooohoo the '80s!

Just gorgeous! Your outfits are always such a treat. I don't know how you manage to always exude joy. You always make me smile! Thank you for that!

I am swooning SOOOO hard here!! This is pure playful perfection, Angie!!! That bubblegum pink, it's just sooo fun and flattering. The fit and silhouette look amazing!! And I loooove all the versions here!!! So good with bright sneakers and coats, and equally gorgeous with your other footwear and jackets/coats!! And the guitar straps on your bags all work so well with the boiler suit too, yay!!

It's of course extra fab when you can wear it sans topper so we get to the suit in all its stunning glory, but I really think it looks amazing with all your toppers too, Angie!!

You have a winner here!!

P.S. Sam is still thinking about it, it seems

This is fab on you, Angie! I never EVER would have thought to pair bubblegum pink with citron but, my gosh, you make it look so perfectly polished! I particularly love the effect of the toppers, too!

Kelly, Inge and Nemosmom, you're awfully sweet and gracious. Thank you. Blushing

Wow, pretty in pink-so cute! I just couldn't imagine this can be such a versatile piece for the right person! Love it with the longer coats, as well as the shorter and stand alone, too! Love your pristine crisp & fresh bright colors, which together with Sam made me smile on a murky evening! Never change your style Angie, there is always place for another ray of sunshine in our lives!:-)

Thanks for all the amazing stylings! I can see why you fell in love with this piece. It's pink is such a great foil for your sour brights and is perfect for a wet spring.

I'm so enjoying seeing these jumpsuits on the Forum!

Nothing could be more Angie than the version with the citron - and the bedroom lights make your hair bookend your sneakers. Wow, how do you manage to look so elegant and fun at the same time? (Rhetorical question, unless you have the answer .)

OMG, this color, tho! And you look so happy and ready for spring!

You are a ray of sunshine Angie! So fun and fabulous!

Lyn67 and Jaime, you are soooooo kind and gracious with your comments, AND make me laugh. Thank you

Beth Ann, UmmLila and Bella, lovely that you chimed in. I'm smiling.

I LOVE it! All amazingly fun looks, but my fave is with the yellow. Such a happy outfit.

I love how you become more and more yourself with each passing year - and you are giving me such happy vibes that are much needed during lockdown

Love all those Brights together - so you!!

Thanks for the kind words Gillian Pearl

Roxanna, what a sweet thing to say!