Mary Beth, thank you! Look forward to seeing your cowgirl versions

Rachy, I will tell South African Greg! His heritage is British. Very Scottish - which is not far from Scandinavia!

You're more daring than me wearing white pants, Lady Cox... I'd be too paranoid getting them stained !

The last time I wore white was last week. It was a cream cashmere poloneck, but I layered it under a navy V-neck sweater in case I spilled food on myself when I went out to dinner later that day

Your white-out is both divine and playful and I love it! The eyelet dress really caught my eye (duh, funny way to say that) and your little ones are the best accessories. Adored the bonus photo with Greg and you two make such a striking and loving couple. It was fun to read the story about where your name came from and your mother's equally playful side.

Cee, HAH! Creative layering. And did you spill?

Vicki, thanks for your gracious and engaged words as always!

You are a vision in white, Angie! The dress is gorgeous on you, dressed up and dressed down. I adore the tie belt. You and Greg are a stunning couple! You know the doggies usually steal the show, but I think in this round of photos, you are holding your own!!

No... and I even thought of tucking my napkin into my turtleneck

Cee, good job, and why not!

Sharan, that is awfully gracious! WOW. I can't possible up Sam and Jo, although thank you for saying so

OMG, what a beautiful dress, you look stunning. I especially like with gold accessories, adorable. I can't stop watching, it's a feast for the eyes.

Mirjana, you are darling, and inspirational !

I enjoyed this series of pictures SO much - thank you for sharing Angie!

Thanks too, for the little reminder to note the subtle details in mixing of white and cream, and of noting footwear changes.

I know I say it often - but I learn so much from these pictures you post of your own style and how you put things together. It gives me confidence! Thank you!

Sabrina, thanks for the always positive and encouraging blog and forum comments! They do not go unnoticed