You are absolutely stunning in white eyelet! Love!!!

I noticed the subtle shoe and bag changes right away ! Master class in toning an outfit up or down. And all along the beautiful white and gold theme. Love the origin story for your name - you are a spicy angel! And what a beautiful picture of you and Greg!

White eyelet is an absolute summer essential for me too - I adore both outfits and will keep an eagle eye out for that Zara dress when the Australian summer stock arrives. Some of my best white eyelet has been from Zara.

You and Greg are soulmates, a photo that says so very much.

You look young and lovely in your beautiful white dress. Just as a happy bride!

So pretty. I love your poses, they perfectly illustrate the joy of fashion.

Beautiful dress for beautiful you. You have never looked better. X

Lovely! I appreciate the photo feast! And I agree that the photo of you and Greg beautifully exudes a perfect love.

Thanks for the awfully lovely words, everyone! Sorry to post and run. We went to a wedding yesterday and the time simply slipped away

Brooklyn, Olive Green, Deb, Column, The Cat, Bee, Column, ChristelJ and Irina, appreciate the sweet and kind compliments! Thanks for chiming in

AndiB, I highly reccomend the gold ECCOS! Very versatile. I've duplicated.

Jaime, spicy angel made me LAUGH! Glad you noticed the subtle outfit changes.

Bijou, I hope we become Zara dress twins!

Laura, I can't seem to recall a white mermaid dress.....I'm racking my brains. I had a NAVY BR eyelet dress!

Janet, I can see you wear black eyelet!

Dee, YES! Hubs Greg has a very short silver beard. He's my silver fox

SarahD8, hope you try light bottoms. I vote ecru jeans!

JenniNZ, I used to say broderie anglaise. No one in the US knew what I was talking about! I switched to eyelet

Sal, good to have a good laugh!

Angie - you do look so angelic, joyous and elegant! Such a fantastic pic w Greg! I’ve always had a sugar eye for white eyelet - just wonderful. Reminds me of your gorgeous Anne Fontaine shirts. Do you still wear them? They were so beautiful on you!! Although your super power of staying pristine with little paws still boggles my mind!

Beautiful outfits, Angie! That dress is perfect on you. My favorite outfits are the eyelet shirt and the wide leg pants. White is my favorite color (well it's not a color, but... )
Sam & Joe are adorable as always
You & Greg look great and I think you look the most angelic in that photo

Thanks so much!

Gryffin, good memory! I wish I had those gorgeous Anne Fontaine eyelet shirts. I wore them until they ripped at the seams - literally. Could not be fixed

JP, wooooohooooo! Go Team White!

Angie, you look like an angel in your white eyelet dress. Beautiful picture of you and Greg.
White and gold is a gorgeous combination.

What a treat!! You look absolutely stunning in white. I love every outfit. You are beautiful inside and out. I wish I could wear white half as well as you do! I so enjoy your outfits.

I am finally going to Zara tomorrow. I am so excited!

Angie, you look stunning in white outfits, and that dress is simply gorgeous. I’m always afraid of getting my white clothing stained (my MIL once had someone spill red cranberry juice all over her white pants while on an airplane- horrors!) but I have been forcing myself to get over that fear. I’ve been both purchasing more white items and wearing them, along with the ones I already have, more often.
As always, I love the pictures of you and the pups!

Angelic, indeed-and not only You! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the last pictie!:-))
BTW the dress/the top +photobombers are K2K in all others!!!

You were made to wear white! Aww to Sam and Jo

Thanks, everyone!

Style Fan, go Team White and Gold! Just as fab, as white and silver.

Debbie, you are such a sweetheart and I'm blushing. YOU wear white with the best of them! Your new silverly white hair makes white one of your best colours! Have fun at Zara.

Karie, wonderful to see you chime in, and YES to not being precious about wearing white! Pups send tail wags and snuggles your way.

Lyn67, your words make me smile! Always gracious and funny

Suntiger, good to know! Good thing I like wearing white. Sam and Jo don't mind either

Beautiful! Love eyelet, and love those white pants. White out looks fab on you Angie! And lovely photo of you and Greg xx

Ooh love it! That dress is beautiful! You look so good in white.

All of these are my favorite. The gradation from pure white to cream, gold and taupe is so good. It seems to integrate the white with other things around it like your hair, skin tone, doggies, and whatever environment you’re in.

Perfection! As always! I so admire your super power of keeping clean in white! I wore a white dress to dinner Saturday night and was quite nervous while I ate.

I love the clear/pink glasses!! New?

I love all these white-out looks. That dress is stunning! And great photo of you and Greg!

Helena, morethanbeige and RobinF, thanks for the awfully kind words!

Val, nice artistic summation!

Dana, appreciate the compliments! No eating of red pasta sauce in white dresses

You're lookin' more than alright in the white, Angie

Love these outfits; you and your photo companions look terrific, Angie, You offer a tutorial in wearing white here; I am impressed by your magical powers to look pristine and how the accessories take you anywhere. Great hair, too; somehow retro, classic and fresh simultaneously.

Thanks, Cee! Lovely to see you chime in

Eliza, you are always gracious and supportive! Much appreciated.

I love love love these looks, Angie!

I've been wearing a lot of white this year, but more coastal cowgirl-leaning.

I supremely love esp the pants and loafers way, like in 11. I could easily march around in that

Also… Greg is looking very Norwegian!