Hello and hopefully happy new year to YLFers!

I've been buried in layers due to unusually cold temps and my default uniform of black/grey sweaters + leggings has been on me way too often in downtime.

When I do look nicer my one spot for lighting is a mess from ongoing "improvements" and/or the light and/or my hair is terrible. [Super-dry air! Snow!]

But I've noticed a lot of you look very stylish this year in spite of weather (cold or hot).

So today, when I'm still partially snowbound, I did a few re-creations. There will no doubt be blobs of drywall dust, sawdust, cat hair or whatever -- please excuse.

Photo 4 is an attempt to show my grey fully in (~ 18 months after stopping coloring). So happy I did this as I still feel like a brunette -- albeit one with a big chunk of silver up front and some "highlights" throughout!

Thanks for looking!

ps I had to break down and buy snowboots (vs using my hiking boots) given all the snow we're having -- glad I did before the 12" hit! Thank you Canada (Pajar brand, on sale).