These are the outfits I wore this weekend:
#1 - casual dinner out Fri evening
#2 - running errands on Saturday
#3 - casual dinner out Sat evening
#4 - running errands today (Sunday).
If they look familiar, that is because they are close renditions of outfits featured in Angie's casual summer capsule (#5), with two of the exact same tops that I bought after reading the article.

I have had a bit of epiphany about my summer dressing last month, when I was on vacation at home and had a lot of time to think. I have realized that, since my lifestyle is pretty casual even though I prefer dressing in a dressier manner, it would make lot of sense to stop fighting it and instead, embrace that and try to come up with interesting casual outfits that are still me. Also, while we have four season weather, summer here is pretty dominant and I need to focus more on summer dressing. My work dress code requires closed toed shoes and long pants, so for a couple of years here I was thinking that I can get away with minimum when it comes to shorts and sandals, neglecting the fact that almost every summer evening I come home I change into something else that is more summery and am in general out and about a lot during warm weather. Of course, the current trends with focus on comfort, sporty luxe etc. might have contributed to this shift.

These outfits here are part of one of my mega summer casual capsules ( I am working on completing two in different color schemes). They are based on this casual summer capsule and a bunch of other subsequent Angie's posts.
I call them "mega" because they are double the size, they feature eight bottoms and everything else appropriately sized up. Additional bottoms are casual long pants that I can wear at work, such as silky track pants, linen pants, chinos etc. I am hoping to post one of them in full next weekend but it takes lots of work.

For fun, all the bottoms here are old and super old: black silk cargo clams are 5-6 years old, white shorts the same but they recently met some scissors, Paige denim shorts are 3-4 years old, and coral shorts are 2 years old and used to be clamdiggers before they also met scissors.
I have bought these lace slip-on sneakers at the beginning of April and they have been life-savers. I have already worn them tons, especially on my European trip. They are super comfy, thanks to hidden 0.5" inside wedge. And for some reason I keep getting compliments on them everywhere I go.
The white slipper flats are from last year and have been worn tons as they are super comfy as well. When I wore them last night I realized that they are looking pretty tired and ordered the white Munro loafers as a replacement this morning. Both pairs of sandals are new additions for this season and they are both ridiculously comfy, thanks to very cushion-y soles.

Thank you very much if you read this far!

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