I find this Northern winter endlessly inspiring. On Saturday, I thought I'd try to make an outfit reflecting it, and I knew I wanted to incorporate my faux fur scarf. I chose a muted blue tee (whose sleeves I should have rolled or scrunched up before pics) to reflect the glimpses of the sky when the cloud cover occasionally clears, and then this heathered brown tweed skirt to both reference the bare trees and echo the scarf's colours (My mom surprised me with this last Christmas & I couldn't imagine a more perfect colour for me! It's so delicious to wear too.) The grey wool tights, as they're the only wool tights I have & it was chilly out, but grey works for winter too I think. And finally some touches of cream in belt & socks for the snow (which has since become more than a *touch* in the landscape; we got over a foot since Sunday!). The scarf is a pretty big statement piece on its own, so the only accessory I added was a little silver barrette, as silver feels more wintry than gold.

It was chilly enough for me to want a heavy wool coat for my outerwear & as I'd worn the blue one the day before, I opted for the oatmeal one instead. My knee high weather proof riding boots felt like the best 'bookend' for the scarf & finally I wore my most recently finished winter hat, as I'm excited with how it turned out. I also wore my mittens, but I don't put them on until I've left (I can't lock my apartment door while wearing them, lol), so that's why they're no in the pics.

I was comfy & warm all day; long sleeve knitwear & full skirt is an easy cool weather dressing formula for me, just tweaking the fabrics as the temperatures shift. As always, all feedback is welcome. I know this post is a bit shorter than my usual; Thistle is asleep with her head on one of my arms, which makes typing more a challenge. Speaking of the pup, bonus points to those who spot her in the outerwear photos! She was keeping an eye on me from a different vantage point that day, so you can only see a bit of her face. hehe

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