Wow. Is Hipsterdom dead yet? I’m thinking it should be, before someone OK Boomer’s me... but keepin’ it real: this is what I wore today. I got a compliment from a millennial and a smile from a Gen Z (but she had to, she gave me the grey striped sweater). Double sweaters for the Nerd Chic of it. Brown giraffe cardigan is my nod to the earth tone trend, and I’m really loving it. It’s not long for this world, I’m wearing it so much.

Sidebar: it has gotten colddddd. Two sweaters, a jacket, and leggings under my pants were not enough.

Got out of work early for a Friday and went to the only store that exists anymore: Ross. Holiday hours. Well, I wanted a Burger King for the fat since I’m burning some serious calories in this cold. Same shopping centre. Anyways, they had these Coach 1941 jackets on the floor and I got this 2016 design. I think I’m gonna wear it with these pants always. Lol.

Last sidebar: Coach runs big. Also, not the most practical of makers. I took a pass on the nice warm cape coat because the buttons were impossible to work with the coat on and the belt tied under the back of it... had to flap the back up to get it tied. Ridiculous! I do not want to be in a Starbucks flapping around my coat one day for a half hour. I could see it happening!