Hello YLF,

I haven't been around much and although I have been busy with mainly DD activities , the truth is I have been in some kind of a funk mood.Maybe the weather, higher expectations from people around me, frustration with myself for having pending projects and getting too much distracted with trips to winners, all of it makes me take a step back from the world sometimes.
I am just mentioning this because I want to be honest with you but i wonder if I am the only person that does this.
(good thing I like cheese because it goes well with all this whine )

Returning to fashion, in this batch I though I present you my 3 winter coats:

1- camel coat: burgundy and camel(cream) is a color combination that I really love but it depresses me a little when I wear it and I have no idea why.I much prefer black and camel than this mellow combination on me, although I love to see it on others.Do you have color combinations that make you sad?

2-hot pink coat: this is an oldie and a bit big jacket that I tailored a bit so I could wear it.I don't know if you can see it but I also did a pattern mix between the t-neck and the shirt underneath. I kind of like it.And, yes, those are my new rain boots. It was a question of necessity because , as I said, I have to follow a very adventurous DD that has ran boots and intends to use them to the max of their capacities.All in all, they are not the worst of them, what do you think?

3- teal coat: my happy coat, it always lifts my mood. The photos are not very good but I am wearing a navy sweater and black pants. This is a new sweater silhouette for me and although it has a higher hem that I am used to if feels more relaxed.

4- no coat: attempt to mix denim and lace.Not my favorite.

5- Chunky knit- This is a new one , funny thing is that it had been so long since I wore chunkier knits I forgot that they are, well, chunky.When I dressed the jacket on top of it I felt very, lets say, cozy.For once I had a photographer but he decided to cut my feet from the photo.

And these were my last documented outfits.Suggestions and comments are welcome.

Hope you have a wonderful week and I am sorry again if I am not around that much.

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