A new wave of "this-must-be-done-by-yesterday"s which need careful juggling had hit recently, but things are calming down so I hope to have more time for active participation soon. In the meantime here is what I enjoyed wearing this weekend.

The time has come to start layering the outerwear. This red poncho (ETA: or Ruana, as kelly had gently educated me in the comment below) is one of my favourite pieces of clothing. It's truly a dream piece I wanted to have since I was a little girl. I found it 2 winters ago. It's warm, heavy, drapes beautifully and makes me feel like I'm flying and not walking. It is the perfect example of why I love the simple clothing - this is in effect just a huge rectangular piece of fabric, but the magic begins once I start wrapping it around.

Shown here over the leather jacket, which is not the most practical under-layer as it makes slippery base for the poncho. Still, that's a little (and rare) bit of inconvenience I was willing to accept and walk around with, as I love wearing both pieces. Happiness factor 10/10.

In an ideal world I would have chosen the fedora to finish the outfit with, however it was chilly enough to know my ears would freeze. That's the little bit of inconvenience I was not willing to accept, so I went for the hat which keeps both my head and my ears warm

As always, your comments and constructive feedback are most welcome. Thanks for stopping by.