Hi Ladies,

It's Saturday, and after a lazy start to the morning we went out to do some errands which included a new case for my new phone (after the 'toilet' incident).

Thankfully it is still cool, so my Speigel Leather jacket is getting some wear before Spring/Summer kick in. I am enjoying the jacket a lot and would wear it over 'everything' if I thought I could get away with it lol.

Today's outfit is pretty simple, jeans, oversized topper and jacket. Accessories are drop mother of pearl earrings (#5), pearl ring (#4) and watch (and my wedding rings).

Suggestions for improvement always gratefully accepted.

Bonus pics of new phone. I wanted the white iPhone when I got my previous phone but they were out of stock. This time there was no problem. #7 is the new phone case I picked up today. I know it is only a phone but I really like the look of the white phone and wanted a case that would maintain the streamlined look of the phone and the continuity of colour. I think I saw DH rolling his eyes as I logic-ed out my selection process! lol.

Happy weekend.

xxx Deborah

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