My priority in getting dressed this morning was warmth. So my whole outfit is under-layered with thermal underwear. I chose my green cashmere turtleneck for it's cuddly warmth, and decided to try breaking up the expanse of the upper chest with a chunky black necklace. I think it worked reasonably well - did it?

On the bottom, I'm trying out my new-to-me PPL (with 2" heels) black trousers. These, I think are keepers. But the top is awfully short with them. Reminding myself again to separate my knit tops into "okay with pants", and "not so much".

The pending project makes me a little sad. Since I can never figure out how to wear skirts, denoting a top "not for pants", basically means it needs to be purged, but so many of my favorites are in that category By next winter, though, I'm hoping to have all tops of the proper lengths.... Perhaps I should just invest some time in figuring out how to make skirts work... But pants are so easy.

Oh, and I tossed this jacket over the cashmere sweater. But I don't like it. I picked it up at clothing exchange because the color is cool - but it's too bulky-shouldered for me, and the collar is weird and stiff. I don't see any reason to keep it - do you?

Suggestions for improvement on this less-than-perfect outfit?

Stay warm everyone!

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