I've been tracking wears for a few years. I have 10 catagories with some subcategories. I've done all my big purges and each season just brings me some tweaks now. This year, I figured the average within each category. I'm going to use the numbers to edit within catagories. For instance, I have the same number of jackets as I do coats but my coat season is much longer. I plan to edit out one jacket as I add one coat. In most catagories, I will purge a thing or two without replacing it, but in a couple I will add without a purge. Since I have more catagories with low averages than high, I expect to have slightly lower numbers at the end of the year.

Sterling had the great idea of using pinterest to stop buying for a fantasy life. When I started my pinterest board, it was just a bunch of stuff I like to look at. It was a lot of crazy dystopian stuff. One day I asked myself why I don't look like my pinterest board? The short answer was that it was full of really expensive stuff that I could not get in Cleveland. When I started the 5 piece, I took price out of consideration. The 5 only had to be things 10s. Only 2 of the 5 ended up being unusually expensive. Overall, I spent a little less. The things looked like my Pinterest board. I asked the forum if I should stick to my 5, or complete the style renewal. I don't think anyone said stick with the 5. So I've been pretty liberal with the concept of basics, but I'm still sort of thinking in terms of the 5.

I do buy for my fantasy life. Here are some things I thought about before I made the jump. Can I do all the activities of my normal life? Is there a version (like dystopian lite) that would work? I came up with 3 capsules of clothing, 1. dressy, the need to be appropriate trumps style persona here. Job interviews and funerals come to mind. I do need to buy a little for this capsule. 2 is most of my work capsule, it consists of military, moto, and sporty luxe. I'm saturated in this capsule. 3. a little work and a lot of fun. This is the dystopian capsule. This is the main thing I'm buying. I would apply the questions to other fantasy lives such as the goes to fancy parties one. I love looking at gowns but don't feel the need to purchase. I do have a high tolerance to dressing outside my environmental norm and standing out as opposed to blending in.

On to WIW. I'm wearing item 2, Sorel Toronto boots, and item 3, Nicholas K Zella sweater, with AE jeans in Raisin and Jo &Co tank.

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