I’m on team pattern. I like solids but patterns give me more joy.

In terms of style I think my attraction to pattern has a lot to do with my feelings about colour mixing. If I wear all solids the only way to do several colours in an outfit is to do large colour blocks. There’s nothing wrong with that but I prefer outfits where the colours mix in a more blended, organic way.

Patterns enable me to achieve a variety in the size of each block of colour in my outfit. So in solids you might do a colour mix by wearing a top in colour 1, jacket in colour 2, skirt or pants in colour 3. All colour blocks are large. You could add some smaller colour blocks via shoes, a bag, or scarf. But pattern makes it easier still, especially in summer, because you can include lots of smaller or medium sized colour blocks via the pattern (flowers, dots, stripes or whatever). To me a variety in the size of colour blocks results in a more interesting, organic composition.

Patterns also enable me to repeat in my top half one or more of the colours worn on my lower half, which makes the whole outfit feel more cohesive to me.

All my personal taste of course. No right or wrong!

Anyhow, here are a few WIWs from June, all featuring pattern.

Your thoughts welcome.

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