We've been having some more reasonable summer/transitional weather recently. Instead of highs in the upper 90s, they've been in the 80s, with 50s early in the morning. It's a welcome relief, but I'll be even happier when it cools down by another 20 degrees.

All of these WIWs from the past couple of weeks are a mix of old and new. I like seeing them all together like this, because I can see easily see my favorites and get a feel for what's working and what's not. I make no claims to these all being great outfits. Some worked better than others, and my wardrobe is still a work-in-progress.

Those of you who don't like numbers can stop right here and just feel free to comment on what you think works best.


For those who find numbers as useful as I do, I compiled some info on my spring/summer 2017 purchases (collection page). My goal is to wear all of these at least 10 times in the first year. I'm not there on all of them, but there are still warm days and layering opportunities to come.

I've noticed that I have the hardest time getting wears on my white/ivory items. I think this is a laundry issue. I don't have a lot of light clothing, so it takes longer to gather a load. More time between washes=fewer wears.

Here are the counts:

crochet-top black tee - 13 wears
crochet-top ivory tee - 6 wears
boxy striped tee - 8 wears
black silk tank - 20 wears
black linen tank - 9 wears

bf jeans - 10 wears
olive twill pants - 26 wears
linen slouchy pants - 15 wears

EF dress - 10 wears

leather Chuck Taylors - 44 wears
Sevilla Smith flats - 17 wears
Allbirds walking shoes (gear) - 47 wears

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