Well you are just the best spokesperson (photoperson?) for the advantage of a thoughtfully chosen small wardrobe with a tight color scheme. Every single outfit is outstanding. Kudos!

runcarla, thank you! I don't mind being at JFE most days, since black has so many other advantages for me. (It also just doesn't photograph as well as the colors.)

Sal, I did put those pants away last season, and am enjoying them a bit more this spring, but I wouldn't be all that sad if they mysteriously disappeared.

Thanks Joy. #2 is Eileen Fisher top and bottom.

rachylou, this is what comes from trying really hard not to duplicate!

Loving the rust colour. I copied you and got a cinnamon coloured top from BR. Great colour. Looks great with black.

I think you’re knocking it out of the park with your boho looks. So California, omg! I hope you are liking it more now (I know you had some misgivings about the move.)

Does your husband work on cartoons?
I am a little disappointed there are no Kim Possible outfits (jokes)

AliceWonders, thank you! This is more or less ALL the color in my wardrobe, give or take a couple of pieces.

Sally and kkards, it's interesting that you both mentioned #12, because while it's kind of a throwaway all-black outfit, I was also thinking it's really the most LA outfit of the bunch. At least here in the valley, this is how the people I pass on the street tend to dress.

Eliza, I really appreciate your comment because looking "effortless" is totally my secret goal.

fin42 and Brooklyn, #2 is popular! It's definitely most polished of the lot.

ChristeIJ, I really enjoy the whole curation process more than I do putting outfits together, so I'm SO happy to be getting closer to a fully cohesive wardrobe. It's taken a while, though!

Helena, I don't even know what to say. That's just the nicest comment ever and very much what I WANT to project.

shevia, it really took a long time to get here!

smittie, I should've said in your thread that Kim Possible is a total compliment coming from me. I love her! (Hubs works on apps across multiple properties...some are WAY more exciting than others.) And yes, I am liking California more, though the dynamic will be different with lockdowns ending....we've lost a year+ of opportunities to meet people/make friends, which is hard. Thank you for asking about that!

Love your capsule! I didn't remember seeing the floral dress before, it's great on you!