Love the variation you have going on here, Suz! You look great, as always. My favourite is day 5 - I love the clear lines, the sparkle and the earrings.

That Zara sale really killed me Suz, and I would have surely ordered up a storm if I could have returned it all (ok most of it) easily.
Anyway, you look fab in your variations. I love what you did with the wider jeans, you made burgundy tights look sophisticated, and the plaid top outfit is outstanding. Thanks for sharing!

Holy Cow! I thought you must have reached an apex of style during the summer months, and I was amazed at the cohesion in your warm weather wardrobe. Now I see you developed new combinations and trying new silhouettes, and you are simply raising the bar even higher!

Love 'em all, but even more, I love the way you manage to dress both with great variety and also consistency.

(Thanks for sharing the date night at home outfit -- dressing up at home to be together is always fab).