Almost never, Neel. I DO wear a pendant or two now and again, especially in summer. Admittedly, this is rare.

I am thinking maybe it is time to get myself a statement necklace. Just when people are not wearing them as much and the dainty layered necklace thing is all the rage. Behind the curve, alas....

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Nice Suz. I do this sort of look a lot with a popped stiff collar, a smaller roll on my cashmere turtle necks and I fold the shirt cuff over the sweater and omit the shirt tails. Preferring to tuck the shirt, semi tuck the knit and display a great belt. Similar to your look but different. I like doing the same popped collar with a moderately deep V neck cashmere too. The necklace is pretty but in this instance is there too much going on? Turtleneck, patterned shirt collar and necklace so close together. What do you think?

Like the look and the proportions are great- love the length of shirt showing below sweater. I look forward to experimenting with this look this winter and your examples are very helpful.
Happy experimenting with jewelry!

Who knew! What a great way to keep mixing things up and using your wardrobe to the fullest...this looks great on you, Suz!

I was very curious how this would work. I really like the patterned shirt under your solid t-neck.

I've worn this look a lot (often Deb's way) and actually prefer it to a shirt-and-crew-neck combo, which looks a bit blah on me. The "winged" effect of the collar adds a little spikiness to the look--particularly good with short hair like yours, I think. I don't have many rhinestone necklaces, but have gotten a necklace effect by nestling a big brooch over the top shirt button, and sometimes even poking vintage clip earrings through the buttonholes of buttondown boy shirts. It's fun to play with, and you look terrific. Not Just Current Enough, and not Classic, but a new category--Thoroughbred Hip, maybe?