With lots of softness and a '70s flavour

  • Colour inspiration is from a dear client who was inspired by Trinny Woodall!
  • I wear my burgundy suit A LOT. In different ways. LOVE THE FIT AND QUALITY! Flared pants and shorter blazer = WINNER for me. I wish I had the same suit in a plaid or sour bright.
  • Wear the suit to work with clients. It's a VERY easy and comfy outfit!
  • 10 year old citron turtleneck. Not a hint of pilling! Wish J.Crew made things the way they used to......
  • I also wear the suit pants as separates. Perfect colour match with a '70s sharp shouldered pleather jacket that cost me $40 a few years ago, and the quality is superb!
  • Wore the '70s jacket with the pants and citron support act to a fancier birthday party last week.
  • Wear my old citron cocoon coat over suits and jackets quite a bit. My favourite coat of all time! It's cold on foot outside and I need to wrap up!
  • Citron Pom Pom crossbody because I must be hands-free, and I like to match.
  • White boots....well....because it's my thing....
  • Wavy hair doing its own soft thing.
  • Sam and Jo always curious and close-by!

Hubs Greg does NOT like puffy sleeves. If I showed him this '70s jacket off my body - he would have discouraged me from trying it. But as soon as I put it on - he loved it! Now I only show Greg puffy sleeved items ON MY BODY

Thanks for looking! xo