Loved seeing how your outfit evolved as you added layers in each successive pic. And you look stunningly lovely in all three! I am smitten with that coat on you. That might be your best buy in a year of fab buys.

I especially like #2.

Well done, Suz! Love that your bustin' out your skirts in cold temps and wearing your lovely tall boots! The sweater I've enjoyed on your this season, and the denim jacket is a cut above.

I'm searching for a new denim jacket myself --- it musn't be RATE or distressed. It must be lightweight, with plenty of stretch, an shaped to fit a woman. Yeah. It's a HEWI, alright! Let me know if you see one. Shoot it, bag it, and send it to me!

Wow! LOVE this beanie to toe. The outfit is stunning and so is the coat. You have a winning formula here!

Very nice, kind of the reverse, patterned top and solid skirt, but casualized and very approachable looking. And warm.
I think that sweater is your workhorse!

Holy cats, I cannot believe that jacket is the same one in the promo photo! It looks so yummy on you. So digging the layers of mixed media.

I almost missed this:-)

What a fun coincidence that you were wearing a very similar outfit to Ashley's, Suz. Love yours just as much. Such a great way to Winterize a pencil skirt. That Equipment sweater has turned out to be such an incredibly versatile piece, hasn't it. It looks just as amazing with skirts as it does with trousers and jeans. And I absolutely adore it with your leather jacket.

Hope you guys had a fun evening.

P.S. SO glad you got that coat. I'm probably repeating myself here, but I'm going to say it again anyway: it's stunning on you.