One of the trendiest components of my style is what I wear on the BOTTOM. It's usually in the form of a pair of pants or jeans. Skirts less so, since I prefer dresses.

I had a pair of red boyfriend jeans on my radar from a retailer whose colours launch me into orbit. Essential Antwerp. Waving to Inge, who lives in Antwerp! Sustainably and ethically produced, and 100% cotton. They went on flash sale and I pounced!

They are super roomy - especially in the back - but not overly slouchy. Dropped crotch point and lowered rise because of that. Just polished enough to my eye. The white stitching is unique, and the silhouette reminds me VERY fondly of the '80s.

LOVE them sooooo much!

My old red jumper is a perfect colour match so that's how I debuted them today! 1970 is the year I was born, so it's meaningful-to-me. Cream and oatmeal support act - my wardrobe essentials! - are an easy and signature way to finish off the look.

YES, I'm back to belting because that's how I wear slouchy boyfriends. They sit BELOW my waist, and where I prefer belts.

Also bought an IKAT print blouse in stores today (#8). Large spaced florals are trending, and you'll hear about that next week. It has a camisole in the SAME pattern (#9). A beautiful attention to detail. Love that match! GORGEOUS and awfully pretty. And it matches my blush pants (#10).

Sam and Jo are always supportive (#11)! Thanks for looking. xo