A number of years ago, I decided to improve my commute of roughly 4 hours a day by taking up street motorcycling. I had been raised riding dirt bikes and my father always had a street bike for getting around town and various competition bikes for motorcycle trials that he rode well into his 70's. I hadn't ridden in ~25 years and had never piloted a heavy street bike. After taking the safety class required to get my endorsement, I toodled on down to the local motorcycle shop to see what I liked. As I was poking around and sitting on the very few bikes which I could reach the ground on, a salesman approached and asked me if I needed any help, as they are wont to do. I related my needs for a commuter bike and he asked me what type of bikes my friends rode. Anyone who knows biking culture knows that there are two main classes of riding style. We like to refer to them as Power Rangers or Pirates. It's a pivotal point in an individual's life when they pick a side. My response was along the lines of "I really don't have any friends that ride, so I'll pick my bike and THEN find some friends to ride with". His very helpful response was, "I get off work in an hour. Want me to take you out on the street for your first ride?"
DH and I are very happily motorcycling together in our little Power Ranger outfits to this day. And he is now an instructor of both motorcycle (street) safety and race track technique where he shares this story...enumerating along the way all of the mistakes I made, how often I dropped my bike etc., to show them that anyone can ride if they apply themselves. This picture shows us celebrating our recent anniversary doing what we love (even though he is in front this time ;-)). 
The boots I have on in this outfit are the very same ones that I wore for that first ride, and many subsequent street rides before I understood what proper safety gear was all about. They are now relegated to the closet for any pseudo Power Ranger look I may be inclined to effect. Here wearing a burgundy NAS cashmere tunic with charcoal ponte and leather pants from a few years ago. Cheers, and don't be afraid to follow your dreams...

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