Hi all! First of all, my activity here has dropped off due to a crazy time at work. Things should be getting better in the next week. I’ve been reading a little bit unable to interact much.

Pictures 1-7 are my recent WIW’s. I’ve made some attempt to wear my rollers but it’s been hard to wear anything but a few pairs of jeans. I’ve been stressed and bloated and they’re the most comfortable things aside from leggings. I like all these outfits except that #6 was a bit off for me. I’m not sure if the proportions of the top, pants and boots altogether are a problem, or what.

The last two pics pertain to a k/r question. What’s the tolerance level for crotch pulling in pants? I can almost never avoid it, so I have some tolerance. I like the pants in #8 (see find), otherwise. I don’t think I’d want to size up and then have everything taken in. It’s really only my thighs that creates the pulling, so there would be a lot of tailoring needed (I don’t currently have anyone I trust for that, plus it’s very expensive to tailor things here beyond simple hemming.) I posted the pants in #9, which I’m probably keeping as the fit is immaculate (a rarity), as a comparison.

The other find below is a dress. No pic of me in it, but it looks good. I’m just wondering if I should keep the tassels. I think they push things a little farther past boho lite than I’d like. Should I cut them off, or save the belt and just use some other kind of belt? I’m not sure I’d miss the tassels, though.

ETA: is what I’m wearing today, 1/26. Date night with the husband.

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