I am all for comfy footwear, stylish or not. I also like the wedges. Pink and olive are lovely on you. I need to find a solid pink top to try out this look.

Suz I love everything about this outfit! I think it's no secret that you wear pinks very well and pink naturally looks fantastic with olive! The proportions are lovely and the shoe choice is amazing! You look fab!

Love! I think that linen is the same as my light blue v-neck. Really high quality linen, don't you think? You are pretty in pink, lame cliche perhaps but true!

I like the J. Crew linen, yes, Jaime! It's a bit sheer so I wore a cami today but when it gets super hot I will probably go without. The drape is fabulous on these.

Thank you for the nice compliments. This neon bubblegum is technically a bit too intense for me but when I have a bit of colour in my face it works okay. I figured this was a summer piece so it would be safe to go a bit more intense.

You are beyond pretty in that shade of pink. You glow. Who knew bubblegum, olives, and dark cherries could be delicious?!

I love this color combo. I was going to wear olive and pink today too, but I have no pink summer tops I ended up wearing olive (ON olive khakis) and a white top.

You look great in this outfit, Suz. That style of shorts is made for you. I love the wedge sandals with the outfit; funny that you have a standing version of the outfit and a walking version! I'm always switching shoes if I have to do a log of walking, too.
Now that you've reminded me of this post, I'm thinking I'll need to get out my pink and olive--maybe tomorrow, if my olive pants aren't in the laundry!

You look fab, Suz! That particular shade of pink is perfect for you. High five for getting hand-me-downs from our daughters!

I always loved olive with pinks and your shade of pink is amazing, Suz! Not to mention the belt and sandals in cherry are the cream on top of all, so nice to see your summer casuals, YLFas always!:-)

Echoing everyone else here! Such a great casual outfit and I love the belt and wedges with it.

So pretty in that bright shade of pink - and it works so well with the olive shorts. You look great! I wonder if you or Shevia have hand washed your linen sweater yet?

Suz, you are glowing in your wonderful outfit! I love everything about it!

texstyle, I did wash my top. I actually washed in the machine (hand wash cycle) and lay flat to dry. Worked easily. It's more a tee than a sweater, in actual fact -- quite lightweight.

So pretty! I live that color combination, I had not thought about it before.
Olive green is a fab neutral.

Great combo! I tried those shorts - no go on me. Might have to go back to TJ Maxx and size up on the ones I spied last week

This is a great casual combination on you Suz. Love the brighter shade of pink with the olive. How unfortunate your daughter has grown out of those shorts...

Well, it was certainly worth the wait, Suz

These shorts look amazing on you, and I absolutely love the unexpected bright pink with the khaki. Adding the red belt and sandals (I think they look great with this outfit!) adds another unexpected and fab touch. I love it all.

LOVE these colors on you! You look amazing!

Lovely pink on you and both shoes look great. You get better hand me downs from your daughter than I did from my son. I got his old snow pants :). No pink in my closet so I've been wearing olive and burgundy.

You look super lovely Suz!

i have those shorts and have not yet hit on the right top for them. I try the semi-tuck but it feels a little contrived. I do however, LOVE this bright pink with them - both the top and the shoes- and will re-think this pair of shorts now! Really enjoying your posts. Shyly from Manitoba.....

Look at you -- so adorabella (as my sister would say . . .)! Your daughter must be thrilled to have a momma who looks this stunning in hand-me-up (?) shorts. Love your shoes!

Inspiring! Pink is so great for you and I love the olive with it, you are so put together and stylish whethere dressed up or casual, gorgeous!