OH. I just LOVE the story behind your doggie's name (s). Thanks for sharing. And I thought your name was Brooklyn!

No worries Angie, it's a great name, that's why I chose it! And I aspire to be more like my dog!

From one dog lover to another - that's a brilliant aspiration!

As always, you look amazing Brooklyn. Those cuffs..fab. I always look forward to your WIWs.

Gold medal material : )
You always look amazing, and that umbrella is the icing on the cake.

Thanks Aussie gals

Just jumping in late to saying these looks are 1000% fabulous, and that I'm crushing hard on the cuffed Free People top. Keep inspiring us with your looks!

I have that fantasy ski lodge life, too! You'd think, living in Colorado, that it might be a reality for me, but I don't even know how to ski.

I love all your outfits, and you've inspired me to give FreePeople a try. Your layering is super, and that umbrella is making me happy. I'm also really glad that BP blouse worked out for you! I think you wear more high-waisted bottoms than I do, so along with a cami, that probably helps a lot.

Thanks Jenn! You are right, because the skirt is high waisted, it is only a small gap when I lift my arms above my shoulders. I won't be wearing it with my mid rise jeans! Thanks for being my model And do check out FP. They have a lot of stuff that I find too young and short for me, but a few gems.
And thanks Xtabay!

Love all but especially like 1 and 3. Those tops are very pretty.