A couple of my good friends organized a fun picnic in the local recreational area on the long weekend, and the day was very hot. Shorts were the most appropriate attire for such a casual outdoorsy event and I tried to be brave and wear my olive BF Gap shorts which roll up to somewhere mid-thigh. I don't particularly like my upper leg area - I went through a growth spurt when I was 12 which left lots of stretch marks, which are very white on my already pasty skin. Normally I wear fitted denim shorts that end just a above the knee, but those would have been way too hot on the day. So I wore the shorts and the Earth did not stop spinning! I also had to wear closed toed shoes, since dancing has left me with couple of bruised and very dark nails which I am waiting on to grow out of injury. I might end up loosing my patience and wear some dark purple nail polish to mask those up, when wearing sandals, though. So old pale gold Born loafers were rescued from the donate pile for this event.
I combined the shorts with my favorite tee find of the season, a navy/olive/aqua linen from Loft. I fell in love with the pattern and stalked the tee for weeks since it sold out really fast. I have developed a mild obsession this season for navy and olive together, especially in a pattern. I added a striped navy straw hat for sun protection and some pattern mix fun.

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