Thank you all so much!

Shevia, I love that you are a veteran of TRR, and your packed suitcase full of treasure to sell over your vacation makes me smile! I envy your thrifted, creative, chic wardrobe so much.

Nikki, Firecracker, ChristelJ (yes, I agree it feels revealing to post a WIW--kind of vulnerable, in a way), and Kyle, thanks for the love for the silver jacket! Kyle, it's nice to hear from you and I hope you are enjoying your retirement! Maybe post a few WIWs at some point :)? I would love to see your style!

Slimcat, Mirjana, RobinF (yay for Docs boots--soo comfy and bouncy when I walk!), and Star, thanks for your comments on the more casual looks. I wondered about posting casual summer looks (their casualness makes them seem less interesting to me, vs. my more formal work looks during the academic year) but went for it, so thanks!

Bella, it's great to see you and LOL about the sunglasses--yours are quite chic! I hope you are well and I would love to see you post a WIW once in a while :). The more the merrier.

Brooklyn, thanks for your feedback! It's nice to know there are other clog lovers out there. My fave footwear is boots and booties, but those have to wait until fall...Interesting that you too feel nervous when you post your WIWs--I never would have guessed!

FashIntern, thanks for your thoughts! Hopefully you can drag your son to some outdoor concerts very soon :). Great to hear from another pattern mixer!

Thanks, Helena! I know my style is pretty maximal compared to yours, so I appreciate your feedback ;).

HAHA yes, "I am dead" = *plonk*

Good grief it's been a while... I'm forgetting my schtick!

And have I mentioned that you look AHMAHZING???

Jaw dropping outfits, Jonesy! I got a bad case of the wantsies for #1 and #3.

Jonesy! You look as great as ever; your hair is amazing! I love the jumpsuit in #1. And yes, #3 is effortless chic

I love #1 and #3 most too! Welcome back

Jonesy, you look sensational! Every outfit is a special treat. Love your style! As a blazer enthusiast, I was drooling over no 3. That is perfection, and I love the boots too.
I am with you on the fall and winter dressing.

So lovely to see you Jonesy!

You have some real statement pieces which you wear with ease. The jumpsuit and DvN jacket are sensational on you.

I'm also very intrigued by your DIY haircuts

Clog queen!!

I just saw this now (have been off the forum for a few days). So great to see you post, and what a fun set of outfits. You are looking wonderful.

I can feel the excitement of GOING OUT!!! Wow. We aren't quite there yet here, but getting closer....

I especially love #1, #2 and #3. And am looking forward to hearing more about your adventures with TRR.

Thanks all!

Nuancedream, Isis (great to see you again!), and Suntiger, thanks for the love for the jumpsuit and the flashy jacket outfit!

Katerina, yes! Fall and winter layering is just so much more satisfying :).

Jules, it's lovely to hear from you! I think I do have a lot of "statement" pieces, for sure. I like a lot of pattern and appreciate an interesting cut. The three-pattern jumpsuit is a bit of a stretch even for me, but I love it. Re. my DIY haircut: I watched a 10-minute video on YouTube and gave it a shot, LOL.

Suz, nice to see you and thanks! I am crossing my fingers that your neck of the woods opens up soon and you can get out and about and enjoy your gorgeous summer!