MK - I am laughing so hard looking at your luggage - I have those brown suitcases, and I rarely travel with more than just the small one beside you. Which explains why I have 3 or more suitcases to go to before I could ever begin to achieve your fab-ness!

All awesome. 10 made me say "wow" out loud. Just the whole photo.


(Thanks for sharing your camera set up!)

You all are so kind!

Marvel Girl, how fun that you were on the ship right before we were! Isn't it just AMAZING? I had sworn I was done with mass-market cruises, but that ship was enough to make me change my mind. I would even go back for a two week back-to-back on Oasis -- it was THAT fab!!

It's funny that the favorite outfit seems to have been 15 -- that was Hubby's fave, too! I could hardly breathe because my eBay-via-Hong-Kong skinnies had shrunk in the wash, but he was digging the whole tight-pants thing! LOL See the shirt he's wearing? One of the characters in "Entourage" wore that very same shirt in the series finale! (The scene in the driveway towards the end, if anybody watched.) Big fun! He looked super cool the whole time, and was great about coordinating his shirts with my outfits.

Oh, and the car in #10? It's not really an antique car at all -- it's a SCULPTURE of an antique car -- just the outside, no engine! LOL

Okay, now tell them about the park on the ship...

Wow, Mary, that was a very stylish cruise - I love all your outfits! The purple evening dress in #5 (think it was #5?) is my favourite.

Thanks for sharing.

These pictures are amazing...I feel like I was on the trip with you! Your outfits are fabulous in every one. What a fun couple.

#24 sure has ALGO...:)