Hi YLFers, and especially Team Cuff --

Working from home/doctor's visit on a damp high-40s (F) day and taking a lunch break. Had the rare chance to snap a weekday photo so did!

Forgive terrible light; we're in grey mood a lot. Some better color representations of the tunics shown are in my earlier "uniform" thread.


These are my nod to the "crop" jeans. They technically ARE crops but on 5'4 me they fall to the ankle. I have commitment issues with true crops (I'm not totally alone, see thread), so these were bought to wear long and shorter.

Also showing variations I tried when reviewing my sandal situation along with my returning (2-3 y.o.) sandals. Love of heels + lots of walking means I was an early adopter of the block and Cuban heel trend, go figure!

Envious of those of you who can sport sandals for more than 5 minutes! /grass, greener

Thanks for looking/sharing opinions!

ps Yes, this sandal situation belongs on the "temperate weather folks, what do you buy?" thread. 2 new pairs/season = too many sandals due to low wear-out rate . Yet I somehow go through a pair of sunglasses a year....


1) Today, typically tonal -- jeans, blue/black/white stretch silk tunic, deep blue wool scarf, pewter metallic booties

2) Same jeans with a small cuff + deep blue tunic and beige sandals

3) Same jeans with baby cuff + floral tunic + DIY silver espadrilles + shoulder duster earring made [by an awesome Etsy seller] from vintage beads
[these are actually not the DIY sandals I've been wearing for years -- I actually wore through a pair of sandals (!!!) and bought the same

4) Circa 2013 photo of my (like new, sigh) Flat Stanley sandals -- silver metallic 1" wedges that will also be worn with all of the above