Thumbs up on the white jeans from me too. And that coat looks so cozy, like a teddy bear!

Just love the white jeans outfit. I think I have all the components, hope to remember to recreate it when time comes. Thanks for inspiration.

Late to chime in but you look fantastic. I love the white jeans. How do you manage to always look so glamorous? Love these!

I'm late seeing this, but I think those white jeans look fantastic on you! Love all your stylings. I've all but given up on white jeans -- I can never find the right fit that looks easy like what you are wearing here.

I’m late to comment, but share the love for all these outfits. Especially the toffe sweater and gorgeous gold flats. Jealous of your Southern Hemisphere season right now,

I second what Suz mentioned about find a patterned top with some white in it. Or a colored graphic with white letters or print. The top in Finds last year was a real style stretch for me last year, but it goes so well with so many things, including my creamy white BF jeans.