A pair of light blue wash, full length, wide leg jeans were on my shopping list as my next pair of jeans. (I've demoted two old pairs to "doggie-beach-woodsy-trail days" so need replacements for daily wear).

I fell in love with these Veronica Beards because the wash is soooo even, polished, and crisp! 100% cotton, no stretch, and made in the USA. Very comfy! They look like a pastel, and are a PERFECT match with my light blue specs! To my eye - soft & pretty - which is how I like it

VB bottoms are generally very long. I knew they would be full length on me! I don't wear heels higher than what you see on these boots. So I might hack the jeans half an inch to go with my sneakers, oxfords, and loafers. I'm hack-happy!

These are Spring and Summer jeans, but am wearing them in Winter because, why not!

I like these jeans with short untucked knitwear, or a tucked shirt or blouse - nod to fab '70s style. For their debut over the weekend, I combined them with an old cropped citron sweater, taupe boots, taupe Furla, and matching guitar strap to bookend the new honey hair.

My very old and FAVOURITE chartreuse coccoon coat with equally old scarf and beanie topped the lot because I'm on foot and it's cold outside! Volume over volume can work - waving at Jonesy, Irina, Suz, Tanya, and others who wear it too! As it warms up, I will wear short jackets with these jeans - or just a top.

Hair is straight for a change because I'd been wearing it wavy all week.

Second last two pics are a very casual WFH, errand, and dog walking outfit from last week. Hair was wavy then. I like the change of wearing my hair straight AND wavy, and split the looks up equally.

Thanks for looking! Off to make chocolate mousse for Valentine's Day. xo