I'm simultaneously debuting some new loot and attempting a trend that I've previously avoided in this post, so I'd be very grateful for feedback on both aspects.
Angie's recommendation of the Addison cropped pants persuaded me to try and close a wardrobe whole of a colourful summer bottom. I chose to order it in the blue mazareen colour, which I believe to be something close to a cobalt? Anyway, they arrived yesterday and I didn't hesitate to try them on.
At first I balked and even wondered what on earth Angie was talking about. I felt for a moment that they didn't fit. But when I returned to the garment and tried once more, I realized that they had stretch in the fabric that had yet to start working it's magic. Sure enough, within minutes I realized that Angie had done it again - recommended an item in a beautiful fabric, with great styling details, that felt fabulous on. She had indicated that the pants would hit at her second flattering length for such trousers, which is one that I've avoided like mad for a long time now...But as I wore these today, I found the length (about 6 inches above my ankle) felt fresh and chic. I sincerely hope it looked that way, but please tell me if it didn't.
With these bright blue pants I decided to wear a new purchase that filled another wardrobe hole. Do you believe that I didn't have a go-anywhere black top for warm weather? Well, I do now and I hope you like it. I've kept up my tradition of only purchasing black items that have texture. This one is mixed media with a crochet-style fabric comprising the sleeves, shoulders and yoke before transitioning to the softest, most fluid fabric you've ever felt. I also hope that the bateau-shaped keyholes at both the front and back keep the top from looking like a flat black tee.
I happened to own a pair of long earrings with a blue stone that virtually matched the pants, so I put them on for bookending purposes. Taupe snake sandals and, you guessed it, the rose gold satchell made up the rest. It's my hope that the sandals are neutral enough to be leg-lengthening-ish. Even if not, you've told me they coordinate well with the ubiquitous bag.
Over to you, my lovelies. How goes this round of experimentation?

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