I apologize for poor photo quality, phone camera plus rainy days equals poor photos
These are my two outfits for work, one of them slightly tweaked for evening out. They are not by no means ideal, it is the place from where I start at the moment. I purged my closet quite a lot recently, but one can not purge too much at once. So there are not only items I love, but also items that I need to survive And the process of figuring out what additions are needed, and finding them is slow. I somehow got very picky about clothing
I plan keep posting my outfits, but be prepared to see repeating items, because my closet is... well I'll call that "in the progress"
1. dark wash jeans
light blue striped shirt, not the trendiest cut, but works quite well
loose drapey cardigan, maybe too lose at the back
taupe lace up shoes - real workhorse, extremely comfortable
2. real colors and textures, and my beloved glasses
3-4. burgundy jeans/pants
fluid patterned high-low shirt, off white - love this one, and wear it a lot
one more drapey cardigan, dark grey
trenchcoat, the color is not my best, and I think lapels look dated (I mask them with scarfs) looking for replacement.
5-6. tweaked look, pants rolled inside to immitate cropped pants. Shirt partially tucked with a belt. Changed shoes to loafers to show some shoe cleavage
and small clutch/cross body bag.
at 6 you can see real colors, and a bonus little horse

thank you for looking, comments and critics are really welcome.

p.s. sorry for blurred face, but at least for a while I intend to keep it so.

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