When I saw Kimbely's outfit Inge posted this week I was immediately smitten with it. Such a pretty and soft look - the epitome of a 'soft edge"!
Happily I realized that I can create a similar soft look with items already in my closet. I wanted to do it there and then but circumstances were against it so I had to wait until today when I wore it to work.
I was able to keep the colors pretty much the same as in the inspiration outfit but the top and scarf color reversed. This faux-Burberry plaid scarf was a lucky find in The Bay from this weekend. I was under the influence of Angie's travel outfit posts admiring this new coral scarf of hers when I was crossing The Bay with some returns and happened to pass the scarf section - and there was a coral scarf which reminded me of Angie's so of course I had to stop and try it on. I liked the color but it was 100% poly - not something I would like in a summer scarf...
...and then my eye caught this blue plaid number. I was looking for the pastel blue scarf for some time now and this one seemed perfect and exactly the right shade of blue. It was 100% gauzy and lightweight cotton too and the blue color was only one on sale! Of course it came home with me.
So this newly bought scarf was the trigger point for creating this outfit. Paired with JCrew pink mixed media tee it was a complete reverse of Kimberly's pink scarf / blue top combo but I think it still works.
The rest was easy in my head: Gap resolution jeans (look how REALLY cropped they are on me LOL), white Zara jacket and old Franco Sarto nude cage sandals were pretty close to the inspiration outfit so this is what I went to work in today (pic 1-2)

It so happened that I was not able to take the pictures until I got home in the evening. - and then came the moment of truth - or rather two of them:
1. I don't really care for skinny jeans with shorter tops- especially from behind. Does not matter the lost weight I still have curves in places which do not look good in this combination. I also find that together with the cropped length they make my legs look short. All in all not something I want to repeat. (pic 3) From now on skinnies are only with longer tops for me!
2. The second moment of truth was related to my beloved dove grey satchel. I suddenly realized from pic 4 how saggy it looks and began to investigate. Apparently the bag I got was defective - there is a piece missing on one side of the top part between the handles. I have checked my black bag of the same style which does not sag - and of course it has these hard pieces on both sides! The sag was not as obvious before but most likely became more pronounced with the wear <sob>
I am going to take this bag to Danier. Even though I bought it 1.5 years ago it is clearly defective with a missing piece. Hopefully Danier will stand behind their product and can replace it or repair it - wish me luck!

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