Let's just get it out there - I don't think I'll ever wear a 'true' boilersuit, as per Angie's definition, since they're a little too stiff & loose for my personal figure flattery priorities

But this 'utility-inspired jumpsuit' is the version that I find works for me - the chest pockets & shirt collar are balanced by 'softer' features, like the lightweight & warm-toned chocolate linen, wide but not too long leg, & the focal point of the tortoiseshell waist belt. I'm not completely sold on the hexagonal buckle, since I think I favour slightly curved shapes (like the aviators) as a supposed Romantic or Soft Classic Kibbe Type - input welcome if you agree/ disagree with my 'diagnosis' :P) but luckily the belt is removable & the cropped cardigan/ gold shoes add back a little softness.

And yes, I only wear this jumpsuit for occasions where I know I won't need the bathroom In this case, I went to the cinema recently, which has reopened here with limited seating (to enforce social distancing) & no eating or drinking allowed (to enforce mask wearing) - the popcorn/ snack counter was still open though, so I'm not quite sure they thought that one through

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