I am a little sheepish to be late posting my own challenge, but here it is. (We were at our cabin for a night of relaxation.) Also totally impressed with those of you who took it on.

The challenge to myself was to vary my silhouettes more to avoid the monotony of default skinnies and boots. Our weather has been bizarre - warm temps and no snow - but usually I'd be one month into snow with 6 months to go. There's no magic to the number five; it's simply the number of days I work in a week. I also tried not to wear the same shoes two days in a row. I kept a little notebook with me to jot down thoughts during the day as they occurred. This is the most effort I've ever made!

Here are my five outfits:

Day 1: Wide leg pants, sweater. No makeup or hair done in this pic because I was dying to wear the new L.L. Bean pants but not sure how to style them. Not sure this worked, but I really enjoyed the swishy legs and 70s grooviness of the pants. L.L. Bean pants, Pim & Larkin sweater, Seychelles booties.

Day 2: Dress and micro-fishnets. Incredibly, on this morning I was already wanting to reach for skinnies and boots, despite being sick of them. I forced myself into this outfit and was pretty happy with it. Thrifted BR dress, old micro-fishnets, Topshop booties.

Day 3: Skinnies and jacket. These plaid Kuts are a workhorse and a no-brainer for me. I thought I'd wear them with a jacket, and went with this Nic & Zoe knit riding blazer. I wasn't thrilled with it, although I think it looks okay. Not sure the blazer is a good fit, although it's comfortable. Worn with Ugg Cortonas.

Day 4: Skirt, sweater, patterned tights. This outfit got the most compliments at work and it's the least me but a bit of my shadow style. I love the slight high-low hem and RATE fringe on this thifted tweed BR skirt, but it's pretty girly, so I paired it with my old UWP high-low sweater (back chopped shorter thanks to Rae's suggestion!). Topshop booties. Skirts are not a fallback item for me yet, nor am I good with putting tops to skirts. I remembered why I hate tights when both thumbs punched holes as I was pulling them on, but I wore the darn things anyway.

Day 5: Kut ponte skinnies and Joie cashmere tunic sweater with D2Squared or whatever platinum oxfords. This is totally within my comfort zone and a FFBO, and the shoes got a lot of attention.

What I learned: A LOT. First of all, the variety did me good, much like exercise, although it didn't always feel good or easy. I enjoyed the daily changes. However, I was unable to coordinate any kind of jewelry or bag change-ups which seemed like too much effort. I was also surprised at how lazy I am and how quickly I just wanted to do what felt most comfortable, despite enjoying other silhouettes once I got them on my body. Also, I am good with a limited color palette but could stand to add a few more colors into the black/grey/ink blue/citron that Is my baseline.

All feedback welcome! What works, what doesn't, etc... And thanks so much to those who are playing along or just following. It's been an eye-opener!

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