Hi all

Been away having a little break in the country. Mostly we hiked. However, we sometimes had lunch and a poke around in a neighbouring country town so I snapped some outfit shots to share. Apologies that the outfits are almost identical, but I like to travel light!

Outfit 1: Cuffed jeans, boots, sleeveless sweater, leopard bag. The sweater is a lemming from Banana Republic. I think it was pretty popular in the forum late last year. I bought it in the end of season sale because I was totally besotted with the colour. Very hard colour to get here. I don't generally buy BR because their shipping to Australia is prohibitive but I am happy to have made this an exception.

(Rag and Bone jeans, Luxury Rebel boots, BR sweater, Furla bag).

Outfit 2: Cuffed jeans, boots, linen sweater, leopard bag. All outfit details are the same, except the top, which is a linen knit from Australian brand Trenery.

I thought the leopard bag went quite well with both the teal top and the olive green top in these outfits. I have heard some say on the forum that they treat leopard as a neutral. Do we agree on that? I am sure everyone will agree that the leopard print goes very well with my dog, the delightful Ms B.

Also included are some bonus hiking shots. I can assure you that I do not wear the pictured boots hiking.

As usual, any comments or feedback is much appreciated