Nooo! It is too early for winter! It is just mid-November - I am not ready for this yet! However nobody asked me and we had it a bucket full this week: first temps in below -10C (over -20C with windchill) and today the Mother Nature also dumped a truckload of snow here - they promised 2" but it looks more like 4 or 5.
It was a good strategic decision to focus on expanding my winter-worthy work footwear collection or I would be stuck with a single pair of flat boots for every day!

pic 1 Black and cream
I wanted to wear my cream culottes and had to wear black boots with them due to a weather. I decided that I need to add another black item to the outfit to bookend the boots. This BR tux jacket is too big for me now - I don't know if it is visible from the picture. It is definitely more of BF style now. I suspect that long and lose blazer with midi length culottes is not everybody's cup if tea but I felt rebellious and liked this pin.

pic 2 Black and cobalt
Very cold day! Merino wool t-neck and pretty heavy wool moto jacket was just the right combination to keep me warm. Maybe a bit too dark but I hope that bright cobalt saved it a bit...

pic 3 Black, navy and white
Team wear - my new white JCrew jeans and BCBG mixed media jacket from consignment. I was agonizing over those jeans and was not sure if I should keep them...but in the end decided to listen to Angie and keep. So far so good - they stretched a bit during the day and definitely not as tight as in the beginning. I think sizing up would be too baggy.
I like this jacket a lot - double breastedness does not bother me anymore.:-)
I think it fits right in with my current style which is "simple and bold" - just like it. I don't know if you cna see it but the turtleneck is navy, not black.
White jeans tucked into black flat boots may be not the most flattering and leg lengthening look but I was quite happy in it today.
Thank you for looking and all commenst and suggestions are very much appreciated.
I am looking forward to a warm(er) spell next week so I can wear my booties a bit longer before it is winter boots all the way!

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