Angie's timely blog today about lug soles and their resurgence has led me to feel compelled to keep it real and share more of what I call my "commuting outfits", which is to say, before I strip down to base layers and change into desk footwear. Today, as with most days of late, I've chosen footwear that can handle trudging through the rain, wet leaves and other detritus encountered in the city to and from the bus, as well as keep me from slipping and sliding once on said bus. As a height challenged individual, let's just say that I have additional issues which can make commuting an extreme sport. With standing room only, it is critical to get your wide stance and dual hand holds lined up BEFORE the bus driver stands on the brakes. For these reasons, I find the following to be essential for my commute.

  • Layers: some drivers keep the bus at 55F, regardless of season, so jackets and scarves in Summer are key
  • Handbag: must have a crossbody strap option...seriously, it frees up the hands to either hold on for dear life, or if lucky enough to get a seat, read during the trip. I have a DVF technology bag that has a flap that you can flip up to read your tablet...but I sized down to a mini and can't use for that purpose anymore 
  • Shoes: grip, grip and more grip, added height is a bonus so the feet have a chance of touching the floor while seated (seats are slippery, and many is the time that I've almost flown off on a fast turn)
  • Umbrella: I'm one of the few, the proud, the dry Seattleites. I don't like raincoats, they ruin my outfits and are one more thing to hassle with. I use a small carabiner to attach my brolly to my handbag when I get on the bus and its too wet to put into my bag. It's either that or participate in the umbrella lending library (I kid, but seriously, does anyone really have the umbrella that they bought for more than a few days once the rain starts, or do we all inherit each others' left behinds?
Outfit today is black Old Navy long sleeve layering tee (v-neck), Zara windowpane pants, wool and leather sleeve moto, cashmere infinity scarf and <insert ominous music> black leather, lug soled, fleece lined Timberland boots that I bought years ago while on business back East, finding myself faced with piles of dirty Manhattan snow with only cute pumps to wear. Great memories keep certain pieces in my closet. I ran into Kyan Douglas (the cute  one) from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy in a jam packed Soho brunch spot, had a nice chat and came thissss close to dumping my brunch companions to go shopping with he and his partner. Had I not been with family, I probably would have more than the Tims to show for that trip! My wallet thanks me

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