Twinsies!! Love it

Much more chic for cold weather than my hoodie today ... brrrr ... it's awful!!

I think the outfit is very flattering. xo

Why do you consider this merely JFE? It's fantastic and you are every bit Angie's match here.

Lovely! I like the sweater with jeans and shades of blue and grey.

Voila Suz a la Angie! Magnifique! I was chuckling at Angie's first comment (love it and she's got the BEST sense of humor!) and I used my Google Translate for JFE: "juste assez à la mode!

I've seen your peacoat and it's stunning, so you've got all the essential parts.

Hehe! I knew you had all the same pieces... Awesome!

Were you and Angie twins in previous life??? You carry the outfit with same beauty and grace as Angie does. Fahionable and flattering.

Lovely version. I think it is very flattering, wouldn't call it JFE. Hope you are staying warm!