Pic heavy.....Greetings everyone, it is a beautiful and sunny day and I am going to a Graduation/House Warming Picnic for my oldest niece for her first apartment and college graduation.

Ok let's start with the realities:

1. The white jeans I have were too long so I cut them and rolled. What can I do to improve them?

2. I have a pretty stomach pouch so I cannot tuck to show off my beautiful tan brown mix belt.

3. I like the structure of a button up but, only when worn with a vest or belt not loose or flowing. I just cannot get with the flow or looseness.

4. Action shots are hard.

Now that is out of the way. Here is the good news:

1. I love this accordion pleated polkadot top it's kind of mushroom/brown and just flows beautifully. It has yellow polkadots. Winning

2. I like these jeans as cut offs best they are comfortable.

3. I'm trying to keep it simple with the jewelry. I can't wear many layers in the summer it just to hot and humid but I still want to be me creatively. So a bracelet, gold hoop earrings, 1 ring and a yellow woven purse with brown accents and my beautiful Isabel Toledo shoes from Payless. (Everything thrifted except shoes)

4. Action shots are fun. I'm sorry I just could not pick one so you get the good, bad and in between.

As always all are welcome lurkers, comments, suggestions. Have a great day I will answer everyone later. Have a wonderful day. And thank you Angie.

P.S. Picture 16 Bonus shot of my beautiful niece with her baby cousin (not mine). Lol.....

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